Study Interviews

Student Conversations are an offer for you if you are a student and come to Copenhagen Vineyard. Study Conversations is a six-monthly conversation with your pastor about life, faith and everything in between. 

The time as a student is good, but it can also be challenging to navigate - there are many different expectations for someone and big decisions that have to be made, as well as everyday life going on. 

Student Conversations exist to support and encourage you as a student in what you are currently in. We hope you will make use of Student Conversations, and we will look forward to good chats. 

In practical terms, we offer interviews every year in March and October. You choose whether you want to talk to Emil Rindom Nørholm. or Anne Aagaard, they are both pastors in the church. The conversations take approx. about an hour. 

To get a Student Interview, you just have to call or write to Anne or Emil - and mutually agree a time with them.

Anne: – 53 53 93 55
Emil: – 53 56 36 75

We look forward to chatting with you!

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