Night Light Café

Night Light Café

The Night Light Café is a cross-denomination night café for foreign women in the prostitution environment in Vesterbro. The goal is to create a cozy and safe place where women can come direct from the street, during the night and meet acceptance, love and respect for their culture and faith.

At the Night Light Café, we stand together to spread God's hope and light where it can be difficult to see. We do this through, among other things, African praise, prayer, conversation and fun.

The Night Light Cafe is open between Wednesday and Thursday from 3am to 6am in Eliaskirken's Krypt on Vesterbro Torv.

Will you join us?
In the Night Light Café, only women can become volunteers. As a volunteer, you are on duty every 3 weeks on average.
There is also opportunity to be a prayer volunteer, where you pray for the café and what happens that evening. Both men and women can participate here.

Would you like to know more?
Contact Kirstin Hauge Mortensen.

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