Plan A

Plan A

Plan A is Copenhagen Vineyard's visiting service where we visit women in the city's brothels and Thai massage clinics.

We want to bring God's love to some of the most vulnerable, lovely and oppressed people in our city and spread God's hope and light where it is otherwise difficult to see.

Plan A's primary goal is to meet the women with the dignity, care and love of Jesus and our visits are about building friendships, offering prayer, giving care and showing respect and interest.

Whilst some of us from Plan A take to the streets, we also have a team that prays for the visits, the prostitutes and for the areas we visit.

The prayer team go with team but don't go inside and visit the women at the brothels and Thai massage clinics.

We believe that prayer is an important part of spreading God's light in the darkness, and through prayer, the team supports Plan A's vision of seeing Jesus' love and light shine in the prostitution environment and throughout Copenhagen.

We meet every other Monday from 5-8pm (Odd weeks)

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