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Hvorfor netværksgrupper?

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Hvad er ERFA?

Introduktion til konceptet erfa, og hvordan det ser ud i praksis.


Hvad gør jeg når…?

Find svar på ofte stillede spørgsmål om ledelse af netværksgrupper

Sommerens lederinspiration

Sommeren 2020

“The dream of God over your life is not that you become a believer and help out the local church. The dream of God over your life is that you come alive in His presence and bring life to every enviroment spilling contagious hope into hurting humanity. God har entrusted believers with an assignment to lead the earth into life.
When God created humanity, He called it to shape the world. Man’s first moments were filled with breath-giving honor. Adam knew he was not only treasured, he was trusted. He was placed at the center of culture and invited to create from a place of intimate connection. The one who had received life was now charged with bringing life … trusted to create and cultivate.
So Adam began declaring the nature of that which surrounded him. He did so in an atmosphere of the Father’s delight. Adam knew he was entrusted to rule —- trusted to be a culture carrier —- one who would shape culture through ideas, interventions, and innovation harnessed to the beauty and majesty of God.”

– Allan Scott (Bogen: Scattered Servants: unleashing the church to bring life to the city)

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