About Us

Copenhagen Vineyard is a frikirke (free church) where we want you to experience being included, inspired and involved. 

We are an evangelical church with the same faith basis as the Church of Denmark. Together, we try to explore how faith in Jesus is relevant in our everyday life and in today's Denmark. 

We believe that the best way to explore faith in God is in community with others. We therefore meet at both Sunday Services every Sunday and in Network Groups during the week. 

We are also a church that wishes to be a church that exists for others besides ourselves. Therefore we try to serve Copenhagen through different social projects..

We would like to meet with you and tell you more about our church, what we do and what is important to us, so please contact us if you would like to learn more.

Our Values

Copenhagen Vineyard is associated with the Association of Vineyard Churches. The document Our History, Values and Characteristics describes the shared goals and visions associated with the Vineyard name.

International Movement

Copenhagen Vineyard is a part of the international movement with Vineyard Churches across the world.

Vineyardkirkerne i Danmark samarbejder med kirkerne i de øvrige nordiske lande i fællesskabet Vineyard Nordic. Sammen mødes vi til en årlig konference kaldet Vineyard Nordic Summit og en Summer Camp i Sverige. 

Læs mere om Vineyard internationalt or contact us, hvis du gerne vil vide mere om Vineyard i Danmark, Norden eller verden.

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